Passionate, fun people gather
to communicate and grow

We Keep It

At ONES Global,
passionate, fun-loving people gather
and grow through communication.

ONES Global’s Motto: Growth

At ONES Global, people in every position constantly improve their abilities through unique approaches. Our team members share energy and positivity to create data tools and services like never seen before. All ONES Global departments grow by utilizing each member’s individuality while maintaining a cohesive team direction. Medical data is widely used. Our goal is to build a safe society around this data, and we are working hard to achieve that goal.

Through constant communication, we share not only our work but also our ideas, creating an environment in which everyone can use medications safely.

ONES Global’s Pride: People

We are made up of teammates who help each other across departments. All members interact and have a strong mutual trust.

Staff members ask questions fearlessly and exchange ideas freely, and they are willing to hear outside-the-box opinions. Through them, we can broaden our horizons!

Moreover, we have a lovely team. Looking at our team members’ smiling faces, you’d wonder how we managed to recruit them all!

ONES Global’s Vibe: Humor

The atmosphere at ONES Global can feel like a fun game.

It’s far from a drab workplace where only the sounds of typing can be heard. In contrast, team members share small comments and even frequently applaud each other. We laugh aloud at little jokes and sympathize with each word spoken.

ONES Global is a bustling but quiet, calm but vibrant place full of intense concentration at work and light spirits after work.

Self-development is rapid, and everyone rushes to pitch in when needed. Together, we also create an atmosphere where everyone can share their opinions.





Build a safe society 

by providing trustworthy data.

Carpe diem

Data Team



Provide trustworthy data through the systematic standardization of drug information.

Live in the present!

Data Team



Make the drug information 

everyone can understand

Think without break

Data Team



Become a good pharmacist

Think three times before you speak

Data Team


Data Specialist

All accurate drug information can be found through ONES Global!

This, too, shall pass.

Data Team


Data Specialist

Let’s carry out our mission for drug data and change the world!

You can do it!

Data Team


Data Specialist

Collecting useful data can benefit the world.

If you want it, you can do it.

Contents Team



Creating an emotional connection

Stop thinking and Start acting

Contents Team


Marketing Specialist

Let’s create a unique service that nobody has built before.

You can’t reach paradise by trying to escape.

Contents Team


Contents PD

Medical Information in media, easy to read, easy to use 

Everyone needs their own rooms

Contents Team


UI/UX Designer

Let's think about it one more time and design it!

If you can't avoid it, enjoy it

Tech Team



We apply data to real life.

We make everything you need.

We don’t let failure stop us.

Tech Team



We can make it.

It just takes time…

Don't forget how I started.

Tech Team



Let’s enjoy it even when we fail.

Just do it

Tech Team



Be the problem solver

Sky is the limit

Tech Team


iOS App Developer

Soft on the outside, tough on the inside

Turn inconvenience into convenience

Service Team


Product Owner

Think deeply,

Make it simple

Live freely and proudly.

Interviews with Positive Vibes

We constantly dive into questions and solve them,
creating a unique service and sharing ONES Global with the world.

Contents Team | Marketing Specialist


Data Team | Data Specialist


  • 1 Dana
  • 2 Eden

What kind of people are at ONES Global?

The people here identify and solve problems by growing their own capabilities.

Describe the company atmosphere.

I think it’s a place where you can practice expressing your own thoughts.

What do you do at ONES Global?

I work on marketing tasks to promote ONES Global throughout the world.

Describe your team (regarding pride, goals, etc.).

I belong to the Marketing Team, and our members constantly raise questions and dig deep to solve them.

What are the guiding values of your team?

Providing unique services. We don’t settle for comparing ourselves only with services from competitors or companies in our field.
To strategically dig into the UI/UX and marketing experienced by users, I try to analyze all popular services.
This is why we have the only example of a card-type UI among all companies providing drug data.
Our introduction of this card-based UI elicited great responses. So I would say that doing things that no one has ever tried is our team’s core value.

Tell us your favorite color, catchphrase, and MBTI type!

My teammates are often showing me pink things that they find. Dana is pink, pink is Dana.
Something I frequently think about while working is “Why?” For marketers these days, analyzing the do’s and don’ts behind our actions seems to be an important approach.
I am an INFP, the mediator!

If you have more to say, let us know.

I’d love for more people to join the marketing team with me!

What kind of people are at ONES Global?

We are people who practice “work hard, play hard!”

Describe the company atmosphere.

We concentrate intensely at work and then have fun freely after work.

What do you do at ONES Global?

I work in the collection, indexing, and processing of drug information.

Describe your team (regarding pride, goals, etc.).

My team is the data team! We collect and process drug information for both specialists and non-specialists to understand easily and accurately.

What are the guiding values of your team?

We’re guided by the idea that all drug data in the ONES Global system should be accurate. There is much useful information in the world, but I feel sad because so much of that information is overshadowed. The members of ONES Global’s data team work hard to discover and process that information so it can be brought to light.

Tell us your favorite color, catchphrase, and MBTI type

I don’t display big emotional changes, so black fits me. My MBTI is ISFJ! A phrase that I often ponder nowadays is “This too shall pass.” I think we can deal with any situation with that phrase.

If you have more to say, let us know.

Hi, I’m ONES Global’s data lover.

Medical screenings

As a healthcare company,
we care for the health of our team.

Refreshing vacation

Our long-serving team members earn
well-deserved vacation time.

Welcome kit

Employees receive holiday gifts, birthday
parties, and support for meal expenses!

Book purchase program

If you want a certain book,
just ask!

Free snacks

Order snacks whenever you want—along
with coffee!

Flexible atmosphere

Core work hours: 11:00 to 17:00
Outside of core time, work is flexible!

Interested in joining? Contact us!

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